Desert Walker. Atmosphere 41°'
Desert Walker. Atmosphere 41°'
27 September - 3rd October 2010

(Not all the photos in this set are by me. Credits coming soon!)

Installation/performance for Fest i Nova, 2nd International Festival of Contemporary Art @ Art Villa Garikula, Akhalkalaki (Kaspi region), Georgia.

Getting ready is all a part of it! Taking part is what its about.

In 2008 I was co-director and choreographer of a performance called "Desert Walker" by Motherboard ( that took place on the Great Salt Playa in Utah, USA with people from Norway, Finland, Denmark and England.The performance took place only once and unannounced. It was based on the choreographic score of Samuel Beckett's TV drama "Quad" (1981).

In July 2010 I traveled to Art Villa Garikula and held a workshop where a small scale version of this performance was re-enacted with an interdisciplinary group of artists and cultural workers from Georgia and France.

For the Fest i Nova exhibition I worked on a mixed media installation and performance event that seeks to tie these events together, drawing on documentation material and physical artefacts from both events.

I am interested in what happens when the same choreographic score is re-enacted elsewhere, and outside the confines of a theatrical room. What senses and narratives of "place" can it evoke? I am interested in how such ephemeral performance events, contextualized via the places they take part in and the people who participate in them, can be documented without losing its sense of immediacy and presence.

My solution was to come up with a plan that allowed for the continued reworking of the documentation material, adding new elements to it, and inviting people to participate in it. I arrived at Fest i Nova on Monday 27th September with a portable studio made up of ideas, materials and media-making and presentation equipment that can be carried onto a plane as hand baggage. Collaborating with people at the villa, an installation and performance event schedule was made and presented to the public during the following weekend.

The remains of an archaic bunker-like refrigerator was given a thatched roof, and in and around it, with sunshine, thunderstorms, torrential rain and power cuts, the atmosphere of Desert Walker at 41°' was re-imagine and recreated.

Thanks to Fest i Nova and the Art Villa Garikula community, especially George Simonishvili, Vasil Macharadze and Misha Chelidze for installation assistance.

Desert Walker team, Garikula 2010
Jay Japaridze, Katie Bochoidze, Insa Nino, Shoko Chachua, Ira Lomsadze, Teiko Mgaloblishvili, Anna Bourdichon, Damien Coco, Lasha Samadalashvili

Desert Walker team, Utah 2008
Per Platou, Annesofie Norn, Leon Cullinane, Saila Hyttinen, Håkon Gundersen, Kristine Øren
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