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The Japanese tea ceremony (茶の湯, chanoyū) is the ceremonial preparation and presentation of the powdered green tea known as matcha. The tea ceremony is highly ritualized and the manner in which it is performed or the art of its performance is known as sadō (茶道, also read as chadō). Zen Buddhism was integral to the ceremony's development, and its influence pervades many aspects of its performance.


Tea gatherings are known as chakai (茶会) or chaji (茶事). Chakai generally refers to a relatively simple course of hospitality that includes the service of confections, mild tea (薄茶, usucha), and perhaps a light meal (点心, tenshin), whereas chaji refers to a more formal gathering usually including a full-course meal called kaiseki, followed by confections, strong tea (濃茶, koicha), and mild tea.


Japanese tea ceremony

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