Nacho Rolls...

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  1. anna kurzaeva 27 months ago | reply

    Aisha, what are you doing with me? It is already midnight and I'm staring at your stunning shot instead of sleeping :)
    Looks gorgeous. I like the color of nacho rolls. I must say that I've never tasted them but I'm sure they are delicious. Especially with sauce!

  2. H.Al-Khalaf ☮ || 27 months ago | reply

    looks delicious !

  3. WΛHID 27 months ago | reply

    Crispy shot :-)

  4. mariosworld343 27 months ago | reply

    Yum! You are the ultimate food photographer in my mind :)

  5. digimono ( Mostly Away ) 27 months ago | reply

    this is too wonderful, digging that editorial feel, so nice!!

  6. StuderV 27 months ago | reply

    I see you are busy lately ;) i find this the best of all!

  7. Sugar Pot 27 months ago | reply

    Oh yummmm! looks yum..a generous helping of these for my hips please!!! heheheh. Its a good thing we dont get these nacho rolls here down-under :(.

  8. Soma.R 27 months ago | reply

    The first thing I jump to after seeing the photograph is your tag :) you should really really publish a book with the stories of your photos and the tags. I have never seen rolled up nacho chips. The light is beautiful as always.

  9. kimpjohnston 27 months ago | reply

    Very nice composition, looks delicious!

  10. stephsus 27 months ago | reply

    beautiful! i love the scene.

  11. SOOSI2012 26 months ago | reply

    wow i think it is testy ..

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