Sex & gizmo / gadget concept

Look! Mike poster!....LOL


2000 views! WOW!

  • Manassés Martins 7y

    lol ... genius!
  • BNCA 7y

    Oh My XXX!
  • Thomas Charles L McKnight 7y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called SHITS-n-GIGGLES, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.
  • Consumerist Dot Com 7y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.
  • David L 7y

    I would find it awfully unsettling to be having sex with a picture of Tyson hanging on the wall.

    Seen in Views: 1250 (?)
  • Jim 7y

    "Downloading" takes on a totally new dimension...
    Uploading too, come to think of it!
  • Eric Mesa 7y

    amazingly creative!
  • obbyhey 6y

    OMG! qeee sexy!
  • Itkovian 6y

    Haha :-)
  • tatazinha.linda15 6y

    Eita kkkkkkkkkk
  • pks 6y

    According to the rules in the Views ... groups, you should delete your photo from all of the lower groups, when reached the next higher level. (Moderator)
    Seen in and removed from the groups Views 1500 to 3500 at views 11,431.
  • rojosuiza IV 6y

  • aleansyah 5y

  • Shanghai Hot 5y

    Having sex with the NB?
  • OnTheEdge2010 4y

    absolutely fantastic way to spice up sex!
  • mlhradio 4y

    Congratulations on receiving more than 25,000 views -- that's quite impressive! Now that you've reached this milestone, you might want to consider graduating this photograph from the 'Views: 3000' group to the 'Views: 25,000' group, which can be found here:

    Once again, congratulations and hopefully your photos will receive many more views in the future! Reminder: Photos should only be in one 'Views:xx' group at a time. (This is an automatic message posted to all items in the 'Views: 3000' group that receive more than 25,000 views. There is no need to reply to this message.)
  • David 4y

    Dear mom
    Auntie arrived and had a little to much to drink again so I put her to bed will write tomorrow after class
  • Artist in Pencil and Photography 4mo

    Is it that way these days?
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