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(24/52) Game Over | by Air Adam
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(24/52) Game Over

I started playing basketball when I was about 13, 14 years old. Back then it wasn't a big sport over here at all so it was murder to find somewhere to play, and the few of us youngsters who wanted to play were diehards. We'd even go down to the level of shooting at signs on buildings instead of hoops, playing with one of those mini-balls! It was on TV very very rarely unless you had Sky or something, but any little sliver was videotaped and watched over...and over...and over... Occasionally someone would save up enough for one of those NBA official videos and that would do the rounds until it looked like a snowstorm!


The game did a lot for me personally. Up to the point I started playing I wasn't thought of as much of an athlete - largely because I found football and rugby incredibly boring - and all of a sudden it was like I'd found a calling. It allowed me to develop a physical side which a lot of people simply didn't think I had in me. For a long while, it *was* me - in case you haven't picked up on it, it's how I got my pseudonym! In my teenage years, running the street causing trouble was simply not an option - my life was the books, the beats, and the ball. I captained my high school team (which in fact we formed ourselves!), played out of school for Leeds Tigers, and carried on through to university, and Chorlton Jedi in the Manchester league for a short while after that - not to mention outdoor ball anytime I got chance! And I do mean *anytime*...


Unfortunately, a couple of knee injuries in my early 20s followed by a workplace hand injury that stops me being able to shoot the ball properly for the most part means that I'm just on the sidelines now, my playing days behind me. In one sense it's very frustrating, and I get really upset when people tell me to come somewhere and play, or act as though the injuries can't be bad enough to stop me - believe it, if I could still play I'd be out there. For a long time I couldn't even watch a game on TV, much less in person. On the other hand, looking at it philosophically - if I was still playing it'd consume my free time. I wouldn't spend as much time DJing and making beats, and I might never have picked up a camera in anger. I'm not religious or superstitious, but maybe it was meant for me to just play for a certain period of my life, and now that time has passed and it's onto the next thing.


Just for you, just for one picture, I reached back.

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Taken on June 10, 2008