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Island Stars

This was taken of Two Harbors, Catalina Island. I went to take star pictures of the Island at night with my boyfriend Joel, who I met on the Island and had my very own cheesy love story on the Island... and here is my story...


Receiving a phone call from after being in the Hospital with a near death experience basically saved my life. Ali, called me and told me that there was a job opportunity for a boy scout camp on Catalina island. I wanted to go visit anyway, why not live there for the summer. So I accepted it. A couple days later I get a phone call from a random number.. it was Alex.He told me that I would work in the Trading Post, he then told me that I would be selling a lot of Slush Puppies and he REALLY did mean that! He said that when I come out to work at Cherry Valley that I will become a healthier, happier person. Since I was just in the hospital for not taking care of my Diabetes I felt like this would help me focus on myself and get back on the track of taking care of myself.


Anyway I had one week to get everything ready for this adventure ahead of me. From being in the hospital I had a lot of fluids in me and I was dehydrated for so long that my feet were swollen, it was hard for me to breathe and It took more effort to do things. Friday I went back up to Logan after recovering for a bit at home. I packed up my apartment Saturday and moved out Saturday. It was really tough for me because everything was happening so fast. I was leaving friends that I didn't know if I was going to see again or not.. Also my boys that were in Cancun I did not get to say goodbye too. When I got back home I packed the bags I was going to live off of at CCV.


The next morning I flew out of SLC to LAX at 8am.. It was my first time flying alone. I was pretty scared to be by myself, but once I got a BLT and a Diet Coke I was GREAT! I had to give an insulin shot and didn't want to take my bags into the airport bathroom...So I just shot it into my stomach haha...I didn't care what people thought. :] Landing in LAX I met up with Ali. I had missed her soooo much! The adventure had begun. We headed to meet up with all the staff. We got there and everyone was in uniform except Ali and I! haha. Alex greeted us and then I turn around to see a tall, blonde, guy with aviator sunglasses. Meet Cory, the program director. He even came with a pocket watch :] All of us loaded onto the Catalina Express. Ali and I distanced ourselves from everyone else.. I remember seeing this blonde girl and a brunette, they smelled like perfume and had makeup on...lets add on they were flirting with some other guys on staff. Guess who that was?? Morgan and Megan :] haha. Love you girls. After an hour and half boat ride there it was. The Island. Ali was pointing out our cove and was telling me about Ship Rock, Lions Head, Eagles Nest and Bird Rock.We arrived at Two Harbors Port. To my right I looked out the window and people in a green uniform starting lining up on the dock, right next to them was "Bear", he had a big straw hat on. Ali told me he was the greatest guy I will meet.


We all got our stuff and met in Buffalo Park where we split into our areas. This girl with dark hair, brown eyes and tan skin came right up to me and said "Hi! I'm Bekah!" We connected like that. (Later in the Summer I asked why she came up to me so fast and happy and she said, "I saw a girl in sweats and knew that was my kinda girl." Haha) Then we all started to hike into camp. Lets keep in mind I was in sweats and flip flops. I'm an idiot.. haha. It was awful hiking in like that.


That day I helped Ali clean tanks for the first time and I was freaked out by the Sea Stars. I remember Ali and I were late to line up and we weren't in our uniforms for dinner.. Alex came over to us and asked us where our uniforms were and told us to go change, we were super embarrassed. I hated it already here. The uniforms sucked so bad, I felt so awkward in it and you could tell. That next week during staff week we hiked Goat Whiskers and Parsons. We kayaked to Blue Caverns and got our areas ready. I could go on forever about my summer on Catalina Island. It was the best adventure. I made the Best Friends I could ever ask for. I never had to get ready for the day :] Showered about twice a week haha, learned that if you dip your hair in the ocean that the sun will then make your hair more blonde! I learned to paddle board, I went sailing, kayaked. Overcame my fear or singing in front of people and presenting in front of people. Campfires, scouts, star pictures, sun burns, tans, laying out on the dock, aching bodies, big bopper parties, diet coke, frozen kit kats, bugs[ANTS], long talks, cobbler, service project(talks with Tsix) late night talks, first kiss, fireworks, AO, "I need somebody to love, Next to You, Give me everything tonight, On the Floor, John Mayer". Shore boats, going into town, YACHT CLUB!, Fountain drinks, dancing, Avalon, Ben Weston, "going sailing in Two Harbors". Photoshoots. the day it poured rain. Late night snacks in the kitchen. There were tears from the beginning to the end. The times when all of us were ready to go home and then it came and I never wanted to leave.


These friends will last forever and I love them very much. Alex told us that the friends you keep for forever are the ones you work the hardest with. He was right. I miss this magical island already. Thank you for the Best Summer of my life so far.


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Taken on June 27, 2011