Chifundo Clinic Opening - Lusaka, Zambia (5/14/14)
AHF proudly opened a new clinic in Zambia in the second week of May. The new Chifundo clinic in Lusaka, which was built from the ground up, will provide free treatment and care for HIV/AIDS in an ongoing effort to control the epidemic in Africa.

Nearly 20,000 Zambians living with HIV/AIDS are currently in care with AHF Zambia, including 15,000 receiving antiretroviral treatment (ART). Other AHF Zambia clinic and treatment sites include facilities in Chikankata, Choma, Meheba, Monze and Twatasha. Over one million Zambians are thought to be living with HIV/AIDS. Of those, about 350,000 individuals are currently on lifesaving antiretroviral treatment.
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