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auto level | by aibii_blue
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auto level

these were the sequel of Wed. 23 Aug. 2006 of my LX1




with f 5.6 with a fault


at that day

my W5 still had been making stains upon its jpgs with f 5.6


I had to use my W5 by manual exposure with f 2.8.

but I shot my W5 with auto exposure - 1.3 EV and manual exposure with f 5.6.


W5 has a stamina buttery.


when I used my W5 I did the shooting and deleting easily.

then my frivolities came up into my right thumb finger and forefinger naturally.


before I got to my Dai-koku Oo-hashi I had been doubting the data of my W5.

The sky could accept the shutter speed 1/250 or 1/500 with f 2.8.

but my W5 had been requesting to me the more slower shutter speed.

" ? Uuu ... m ... "

" 1/60 could be possible entirely now. "

" Why 1/30 ? "

" Why did you love to make them so dark ? "


I found its reason by this shot.

I had been using f 5.6 with a fault.




shooting data :



SONY Cyber-shot DSC-W5

lens : 38-114 mm ( 3:4 ) : around 47.65 mm

manual exposure : f 5.6 1/30

auto focussing ?

ISO : 100

date : Wed. 23 Aug. 06:32:29 PM 2006

place : on my Dai-koku Oo-hashi ( big bridge )


note :

I used the " auto level " of OS9 version Photoshop Elements, the oldest one.




auto level


I used the " auto level " of Photoshop Elements for this jpg.


but if

if I could noticed my error more earlier

I could shoot this jpg with f 2.8 1/60.


and if I used auto level upon f 2.8 1/60 jpg

it could could be possible to have some color a little more.




When I was shooting on my Dai-koku Oo-hashi ( big bridge )

this tiny little fishing boat came up to my just below silently.

Up to this yonder of this left side has a mouth of the Tsulumi River ( Tsurumi )

and too much more more yonder was a throat of the Tokyo Bay.


I was just shooting upon the Yokohama Bay.




This was merely a tiny little fishing boat's jpg shot.


There were too much more more many persons who take pictures only by film loading type cameras.

They might say like this.

" I shoot film, "

" I only love to take pictures by film. "

" jpg ? oh, no ! "

" it's nonsense ! "

" jpgs were the merely 0101 data. "



if that jpg were the only picture of your baby's birth shot which was taken by somebody's plastic compact digital camera,

couldn't you accept this ?

" No ! It's not my baby ! "

and if,

in misfortune as well,

your baby was dead unfortunately before you got your baby's shots.

so still,

couldn't you still accept your baby's birth jpg ?


and additionally

the most of all news video clips were taken by the digital hi-vision video movie cameras.

You don't have a need to watch the TV news.

and you don't have a need to eat NISSIN Cup Noodles.


and so,

you must buy a land at first.

and you must cultivate your land by yourself.

You must grow your vegetables that you eat.

You must also raise your livestock that you eat.

You must built your chemical factory by yourself.


You have to produce the emulsion and film base and developing solutions and etc that you use.


and more,

you must only believe the Newspaper which has no jpg pictures.


you must own a photo gallery in somewhere.

and you must not use Flickr com, Fotolog com and some other kind of digital photo galleries.

before that,

you must dig your petroleum.


and by the way,

are you using a Cellular phone ?

Oh, no !

It's the beginning of the digital fakes.

You should only use a letter and a telegram by the solid wire.


are you using a car ?

The most of all automobiles were operated under the digital pulse.

You should use the steam engine car.

You must travel all over the world by the sailboats and locomotives.



if you use a bicycle for going to your work and travel

it is even better for your health and the environment.


Am I saying on the standing at the radical edge ?


this jpg might have no meaning for any someone probably.


........ commercial time


by the way

my sunshine teacher, ndouvid

has been using his recent hand-made digital weapons.



Ground Glass Locomotive


his recent self-portrait shot


if you had some time

please visit him.




by by the way

the most of all Japanese couldn't recognize the difference around " level ", " revel ", " rebel " naturally.


for the Japanese

the English pronunciation of " ra " and " la " are the same thing, " la ".

and " va " and " ba " are also the same thing, " ba " naturally.



when we want to use auto level

it doesn't need any skills and techniques.

We have only to click on the item " auto level ".



Sat. 18 Nov. 02:27 AM 2006




I went to my mother's house today again.

and I watched " Tola san " with my mother tonight on NHK BS-11.


This afternoon my mother went to Hakone " Galasu-no-moli ( Venetian Glass Museum ) " with my sister.

They arranged to meet at my junction station.

and took Shin-kan sen at Shin-Yokohama station to Odawala.

and changed the train to Hakone To-zan Teshu-dou to Goula.

and used the bus to Hakone " Galasu-no-moli ".

They enjoyed whole this afternoon till this night.


to-zan --- mountain climbing

to ( nobo-lu ) --- climb

zan ( yama, san ) --- mountain

tetsu-dou --- railroad


galasu --- glass

no ( not no-u, no ) --- 's

moli --- wood



Sat. 18 Nov. 11:45 PM 2006

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Taken on November 26, 2006