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The Antarctic Humpback Whale Catalogue (AHWC) is an internationally collaborative project investigating movements of humpback whales between the Southern Ocean and lower latitude waters. Allied Whale, the marine mammal research group at College of the Atlantic, has maintained this collection of hpumpack whale identification photographs since 1987. The Catalogue presently contains photographs of over 6,400 individual whales, contributed by scientists, naturalists and tourists from regions throughout the southern hemisphere, including east and west coasts of South America, Africa and Australia, as well as New Zealand, various archipelagos within Oceania, and all sectors of the Southern Ocean.

The collection is organized by pigment type - Type1 (primarily white) through Type 5 (primarily black). In addition, Type 1 has several sub-types: T1s, T1a, T1u, T1m, T1w and T1other. Tags have been added indicating Type, Sub-type (for Type1 whales), geographic area, research group, public/private, and opportunistic/research. The photostream can be viewed in its entirety, by sets, or using search tool any combination of tags or text.

Terms of Use:

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1. Not to use data contained in the Antarctic Humpback Whale Catalogue (AHWC) in any publication, product, or commercial application without prior written consent of the original data provider.

2. To cite both the data provider and the Antarctic Humpback Whale Catalogue (AHWC) appropriately after approval of use is obtained.

3. Not to hold the Antarctic Humpback Whale Catalogue (AHWC) liable for errors in the data. While we have made every effort to ensure the quality of the database, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data.


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