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AHS Class of 1960 Ames High School 55th class reunion Class Photo #AmesHighClassof1960 #AHSClassPhoto | by ameshighschool
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AHS Class of 1960 Ames High School 55th class reunion Class Photo #AmesHighClassof1960 #AHSClassPhoto

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Class group photo taken August 7 2015 2015-08-07

1960 AHS 55th class reunion group photo from Dallas Rust IMG_0195


Click here for a much larger version of this photo.


AHS Class of 1960 55-Year Reunion was held August 6-8, 2015


AHS 1960 55th reunion info


1960 55th Class post reunion summary


Congratulations to the class of 1960 !! From $0 to $10,000+ in 45 Days by Dallas (Wall) Rust, Class of 1960


It started with a conversation a few days before our 55th Ames High Class of 1960 Reunion. Meeting places had been reserved, hotel rooms booked, food ordered, invitations sent, reservations and money collected. It was time to sit back and relax until the Reunion and then … The words uttered were, “Hey, Dallas, has our class ever given back to the school as a class?” I responded with my own question, “You mean as in money?” And so it began... No, the Class of 1960 had never donated any money other than giving the Alumni Association a smattering of left-over money from past reunions. Our class was always delighted if/when we found that we might have enough money left over after a reunion to apply toward stamps for the next reunion. We have had a reunion every 5 years since we graduated. Our goal (other than to have a fantastic time reminiscing and re-connecting with classmates) was to keep expenses down and not charge anything more than absolutely necessary. Therefore, there never was any extra We started talking about the fact that Ames High shaped so many of our lives and provided us with an invaluable education. It seemed strange that we hadn’t thought of giving as a class before. The classmate then stunned me by saying, “I’d be willing to match up to $5,000 donated to the Ames Education Foundation.


WOW!! This was an opportunity that couldn’t be wasted. I quickly met with Annie Arbuckle of the Ames Education Foundation to find out how we could orchestrate this since there were just 3 days left before the Reunion. She made it very easy.


After announcing the challenge at the Reunion and sending emails to our class email list, the money started arriving. Some classmates gave $20, some $25, some $30, some $40, some $50, some $100, some $250, some $300, and some $500. Slowly it started adding up. Each week I sent an update to the class on how much money we had received and coupled it with the donated amount. When we got to the $6,000 mark I was very proud; at $7,000 I was very happy; at $8,000 I was giddy; at $9,000 I was amazed. Then when we were close to the $10,000 challenge, I started getting worried. Could we really get to $10,000? I had already received the $5,000 check from our classmate. Could we really match his $5,000?? In the mail the “final day of giving”, there were checks enough to put us over our challenge. I was ecstatic! We raised a total $10,560.


Reunions are a time to reflect on occurances and people that were important to us at a time in our lives when we are growing, maturing, and learning life lessons. Ames High School had a huge influence on the people in my class. The physical building, the teachers, the classmates, the curriculum—all meshed together into an exciting experience that provided us with the background to be whatever it was we were to become. What better way to give back to that institution which did so much to shape our lives than to contribute to the Ames Education Yes, $0 to $10,000+ seems extraordinary, but it was easy because Ames Hi Aims High!



Letter to the 1960 AHS Class about and before the 55th Class Reunion


Hello AHS Class of 1960


Time for celebration! We have actually achieved getting to the amazing benchmark of our 55th Ames High School Reunion. Where have all the years gone? Come, mix, mingle, talk, and find out what has happened in people's lives. It's pretty darn interesting!!! And on top of it all, enjoy the drinks, food, and ambiance of the delightful Gateway Hotel and Conference Center. (Reservations: 1-800-FOR-AMES)


On Thursday evening, August 6th, classmates will gather at the Olde Main Brewing Company on Main Street for sandwiches and drinks and talk, talk, talk.


On Friday evening August 7th, the first "planned" event will start at 5:00 PM at the Gateway Hotel and Conference Center. There will be appetizers available to fill your tummy while you get what you want from the cash bar. If you want to hang out in the meeting room all evening, that’s fine. If you’re still hungry after appetizers, you can get with fellow classmates and have dinner at one of Ames’s many fine restaurants. We are trying to plan a Saturday morning meeting at the Ames Historical Society and a tour of the "history" floor of the Octagon, both in downtown Ames. The newly renovated library is in the same area and is a must- see! Remember the Story Time Theater? It's still there!


The banquet will be Saturday August 8, 2015 in the evening at the Gateway, again. Cash bar will open at 5:00 PM, dinner will be served at 6:00 PM. Rather than a formal program, many classmates wanted a chance to share stories, ask each other questions, and play the "remember when" game.


Sunday August 9, 2015 in the morning will be informal breakfasts at different places in Ames, since most motel/hotels in Ames have free breakfasts with rooms.


Thursday evening at Olde Main Brewery ________yes _______no -- no charge


Friday evening at Gateway Hotel _________yes _______no -- $20 per person


Saturday evening at Gateway Hotel ________yes ________no -- $45 per person


AHS Ames High School Alumni Assoc - Ames, IA. - reunions - photos - newsletters - authors - calendar - news - deceased - email - letters - join AHSAA

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Taken on August 8, 2015