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Bhavnath Fair 2013 | by Gujarat Tourist Guide
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Bhavnath Fair 2013

The Amazing Girnar hill manifestations and avoid creating Siva Lynn began to sob mahashivratri primacy of Fair today morning. Early morning at 9:30 Bhavnath mahadev mahanta, saint - saints, with the hoisting of flag officers had sahinanam Chants. The roads on towards the foothills of Junagadh Bhavnath slow manavapravaha were found.


The minuscule is presence in the fair during the day. Show dhamadhami uthya with the beginning of the annaksetronam kitchens, if you have dhakhavi alagari fumigation. Saravanio also began bhajan is fair. I had also started bhandaro religious places. Bhavnath temple early in the morning with the old akhada, avaha akhada and fire akhadam was the hoisting of flag. Later Bhavnath are small - large temples have been hoisting of flag.


Show today launching the atmosphere bhavnath knows that 'cajimga' was. Junagadh foothills of the way people have direct Bhavnath steam and across the country through the blessedness of naga bava watching experience. Afternoon time adhyatmik the environment 'harahira to Saad also extract sambhalava looks areas. People 'bhojan' can utarao in their respective places of rest caste forbade me round the fair in the evening.


The naga bava fair, saint - saints for the running of the various religious places bhandara. Rangata also relati santavani in the night, Fair thera thera 'Har Har Mahadev' and 'Bum Bum Bole' gunjava began to sound. Commercials also arrived petiyum stress is minor. Such patharanavala found from as far back as the jadesvara Mahadev.


Bhavnath temple ceremonial hoisting of flag maha mandalescara bharati bapu, indrabharati bapu, motapira bava tanasukhagiri bapu, Bhavnath temple manhata ramesa giri, mukatanandaji, aniruddhagiri, rsibharati, acyutanandaji, District Collector Manish Bharadwaj, kamasinara Dilip Rana, Mayor lakhabhai Parmar, Mamlatdar Joshi, Additional Collector Late, province officer Thakor, including the present were.


All akhada of fair monk - the monks have arrived nearly two thousand alagari. The ascetic, hathayogio, etc and the ascetic, hathayogio dhuna dhakhavi said.

Junagadh last three days, the heat, the mercury was above 38 degrees. Sun has shown mood was still bitterly. The effect appeared in the fair. At the time of the garami bapor bhavanath sumasama roads were sounding.


Mahashivratri Fair is today from the beginning. The first day saw melanam bhaviko less penetration. S.T department is citing traffic across the 150 bus. But failed to ST is the first day of the Fair. ST Nahivata traffic was received. Timbavadi city bypass was not simply because the traveler from abroad.


Show sivaratri after the last event on this year's fair to take the vehicle has been refused. Most vehicles are allowed to enter up to bharadava. When vehicles pass without sonapuri cemetery had to be stopped. Every year the district pancayatanam Guest House until all vehicles were allowed to go. The closing of the mandatory five-kilometer walk will go to the fair.


Show the last resort instead of discovering the incident, the other being the tavai tantra traders. Safety and security have not been to the fair Ferris wheel. Show rangata Ferris wheel is correct. Show ronak overview of the Ferris wheel had not been caused. The first day of the fair is not visible Fair Charm knows that traffic has subsided.


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Taken on April 1, 2013