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    First of all, it'll be So hard to describe how much people were very respectful and helpful, as you enter el tahrir sq. a group of guys will check you for any kind of weapons. then people will give you Free Snack " Rasko " which is like Orio. and also Free water bottles.
    there wasn't any kind of harrasments or fights or even inappropriate words or cheers.
    and there was some guys and girls holding plastic bags and collecting garbage from the ground. you could see all kinds of people, muslim and christians, boys and girls, Black and white, all together, one was like a festival not a revolution. all people Cheering for 1 thing, which is ' Mohamed Hosny Mubarak, go Away, we don't want you'

    and about what happened on wednesday 2/2/2011 of violence. it all started with some of mubarak's Supporters which entereded el tahrir sq. wish horses and camels , and showed alot of violence with them. Alot of People believe, And i'm one of them, that most of the Supporters got Paid to do that. and i'm 100% sure. i know 2 people personally who was asked to do that for a raise.

    The Egyptian youth, The True Egyptians. are the ones who i saw on Tuesday, they're definitely not the ones who want to destroy Egypt, But definitely the ones who want it a better place for them to live in the future.

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    1. davidhamann 39 months ago | reply

      You can see it right here in big:

      I want to keep it there the whole day as the main message of this historical event.

      Thanks again for your pictures!

    2. 39 months ago | reply

      Hi Ahmad,
      Yes there is a misunderstanding. Must be the language barrier between us.
      My blog is about changing the perception of the general public here in my country that Islam is equated to violence (associated with Jemayah Islamiyah, etc.). The peaceful protest is actually an important event because it goes to show that the real people are peacefully expressing what they wish in their own terms - employment, services, etc.

      I am not saying Islam is violent. The protest is proof it is not. The real people are standing up and saying we do not stand for corruption in a non-violent way. This really makes armed groups in the name of Islam and other form of ideology become POWERLESS in the face of non-violence.


    3. AhmadHammoud 39 months ago | reply

      OH, then i totally accept your opinion. and You may use the Image, But Please Send me The Link :D

      i'm so Sorry for this misunderstanding. please accept my apology.

      Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

    4. 39 months ago | reply

      Thanks Ahmad,

      I must improve my writing! I am new to blogging and to creative commons. I love the community here! This is the link! I think i need to be more persuasive! Please comment if you wish! We need more people to interact with from the Mideast and North Africa to break stereotypes

      Thanks a lot Ahmad, we stand with you.

    5. AhmadHammoud 39 months ago | reply

      Ok , i agree you use it.

      Please Send me the link as soon as you can.
      and what kind of website ? for what institution or company or country or what ?!

      Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

    6. IHRSA Live 39 months ago | reply

      Thank you for publishing this under a CC license. My company used this for an article we recently wrote:

    7. zecaruso 38 months ago | reply

      bello scatto, mi piace...

    8. AhmadHammoud 38 months ago | reply

      Grazie mille, mi sono davvero aprreciate

      Google Translate :D haha
      Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

    9. AhmadHammoud 38 months ago | reply

      Thank you :)
      Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

    10. 36 months ago | reply

      We used this picture to illustrate an article about the civil committees in Egypt (in Dutch)

    11. saintsfan117 33 months ago | reply

      We would like to use this photo in an article by Professor Fukuyama featured in the National Interest. The link can be found here:

    12. nfalcimaigne 25 months ago | reply


      I'm about publishing today an article written by our fellow journalist Fadi Hammoud about Middle-East revolutions. May I ask your permission to use this amazing picture as an illustration?

      Of course, I should need a quick answer, or else I publish it (since I see from earlier comments that you don't mind too much) and change it if ever you refuse.

      Eventually, this could be the first of many collaborations in the future.


      Nicolas Falcimaigne, editor
      Journal Ensemble, presse coopérative et indépendante

    13. nfalcimaigne 25 months ago | reply

      Here is the article:

      Hope you read French. :)

      Thanks and good day,


    14. AhmadHammoud 25 months ago | reply

      Hello :)

      Sure I didn't mind. Sorry for not replying any earlier. I was out of town.

    15. olga992 8 months ago | reply

      Hi, i'm a journalist for, an italian newspaper. I love your photo and i want to ask you if we can use it for our articles about Egypt.
      Thankyou for your reply

    16. IHRSA Live 8 months ago | reply

      You may, as long as you give credit to

    17. First Line Press 2 months ago | reply

      Thanks Ahmad for your great picture!
      We, an Italian online newspaper, used it in an article on Egypt by one of our blogger.
      Here is the link:

      Bye and... Go Egyptian People!

      First Line Press

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