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Ann Arbor is sometimes referred to as 'Tree Town City' as it prides itself on its environment.
However, Ann Arbor has a blemish to that image, as it had an unsolved pollution spill on the river that runs through the town.

On July 19, 2010, a pollution spill would occur on the Huron River, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
The spill remains unsolved.
These are the photos and videos that I took during the spill and after the spill, and of pollution that I saw on the Huron River and Gallup Park.

NOTE: This spill was not caused by a rain event. It rained that night, but the initial flushing/dumping was NOT caused by a rain event. Booms were in the water before the river rose.

For documents relating to this case, look here:
and here

The AAFD photos and my photos are the only known photos of this event. I tried giving these photos to University of Michigan Police (who investigated the spill that ran through University of Michigan grounds), but they weren't interested in entering them as evidence. So you won't find these photos in the official police record of the spill. But, I saw it and you can see it here.

Although the DNR, EPA, University of Michigan Police and even Homeland Security knew of this incident, not one was able to solve it. They (as voiced by Emergency Management) felt like 'moving beyond this incident'.

Someone was able to pollute and get away with it. The "Tree Town", environmental friendly city of Ann Arbor had a case of pollution, and not one person could solve it. Not one person was fined or charged.

"we have completed this incident. we are moving beyond this incident."
- Emergency Management, Ann Arbor, Michigan

To this day, the case is closed but remains unsolved.

Pollution Outfall of Huron River Spill, July 2010, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Pollution Outfall of Huron...

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Huron River Spill, Ann Arbor, Michigan, July 19, 2010.  Unsolved Case of pollution.

Huron River Spill, Ann...

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