No Pull-Ups! No Pull-Ups! No Pull-Ups!

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    The weight room's rafters had these, warning Marines and soldiers and Navy SEALs alike to keep off them. NO PULL-UPS, they announce! And for a good reason, too. They cannot hold a grown man's weight for long before they break under the strain.

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    1. matt 97 months ago | reply

      Aw man, where am I supposed to do my pull ups?!

    2. Jayel Aheram 97 months ago | reply

      I do not know. :) Maybe a tank's gun?

    3. MzMullerz 97 months ago | reply

      so, what you're saying is no pull-ups?

      great shot!

    4. vanman66 97 months ago | reply

      Jayel. Has your "date of release" been extended by 3 months like they are saying on the news?

    5. Jayel Aheram 97 months ago | reply

      Ms. Mullerz: Absolutely forbidden, pull-ups are. :) And thank you.

      Christian66ca: No. :)

    6. psycobabyRikki 97 months ago | reply

      I love that they posted one sign per rafter, as opposed to posting one sign saying, "No pull-ups on any beams".

    7. ADayOfAccusations 97 months ago | reply

      So, I guess this means that you guys cannot do any pull ups ... wow, there are worse things you guys could be doing. Right?

    8. Jayel Aheram 97 months ago | reply

      PyscobabyRikki: Yes, haha.

      RaiderNette: We actually can do pull-ups, just not on the rafters. They have a pullup bar set up in the gym. :)

    9. Ms Risch 97 months ago | reply

      I am sure the NO PULL UP RULE is because as tough as you all are - you would pull the building down!!!!

      Thank you for you.

    10. private_grave 97 months ago | reply

      ...I almost choked laughing at this.

    11. Faunagraphic 96 months ago | reply

      HAHAH! yeah great

    12. nessasarm 95 months ago | reply


      its ne of those pictures
      that u look at once and laugh till ur tummy hurts
      but the next time u look. and giggle

      i like it

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