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I'm a Criminal Spam Bot for Ron Paul

At least, according to a recent Wired article. I do not exist, apparently!


Remember, remember, the fifth of November!


Ron Paul enjoys an explosion of donations from grassroots-driven fund-raising drive this November 5th! This is entirely the work of the Ron Paul Revolution, a motley of grassroots, PAC, and everyday patriotic Americans. This drive is independent of the official campaign!


4.2 million dollars raised since 1200 AM EST! Wow!


This November 5th will be remembered when people from all walks of life (normal people, not corporations, special-interests groups, or lobbyists) dug deep into their pockets and contributed to the call of liberty and peace!


Read the ABC News article!


Join the Ron Paul Revolution:


UPDATE: In the official website, I just read in the ticker of recent donors someone from FPO, AP! Hahaha, that is the military postal code!


UPDATE: AP picks up story!

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Taken on November 6, 2007