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Aheram, Meet Ron Paul

Photography credit goes to Mr. Jeff Greenspan, regional coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign.


It was a three-hour drive. I made it in two hours. It was my first time in University of Southern California and I got lost a few times trying to find where this "Tommy Trojan" statue was. I called Jeff repeatedly asking where the shindig was. There, I was surprised to see a large crowd. About five-hundred or more, holding up Ron Paul signs. The mood was contagious and electric. Everyone was excited to see Ron Paul.


And then he came. People chanted, "Ron Paul! Ron Paul!" I said, "LIVE FREE OR DIE!" He delivered his speech and mingled with the crowd. His speech, I later learned, was entirely off-the-cuff. He was speaking from his mind. Unsullied by the need to impress, untainted by opinion of others. It was a speech that is a product of one man's integrity.


Jeff managed to guide me to a private fundraising event for Ron Paul. 500 dollars for people, 250 dollars for members of Meetup groups. There, I was able to meet Ron Paul and shake his hands. He signed my facsimile of the Constitution, his signature right there with the Founding Fathers. I talked to him and asked him a few questions.


He is the real deal. When he talks about the Constitution, his eyes light up.


I am inspired that he share the same reverence I have for the Constitution. He and I took similar oaths. I took an oath of enlistment and he took an oath of office. We both swore to protect and defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. And he understands what that means!


Ron Paul, Champion of the Constitution, Defender of Reason.

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Taken on September 13, 2007