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Who is Ron Paul?

I attended the California GOP State Republican convention in Indian Wells today, in support of Ron Paul, a 10-term Republican from Texas.


Who is he? Well, he is one of the few politicians in Congress who can truly be described as having integrity. For the past 20 years, he has been consistent in his principles and has a voting record to reflect such integrity.


He shares the reverence for the Constitution as I do. He is extremely popular with young people, appeals to Democrats, and people who tire of the endless war in Iraq.


He is against the war in Iraq and his reason is founded in the Constitution.


Join the Ron Paul Revolution. Watch this video:


UPDATE: Notes on the convention.


Supporters of Ron Paul are as varied as they come. A lot of very old folks who remember the time when the Republican used to be for small government and lower taxes and adhering to the Constitution. And many young voters, who yearn for the very same liberties their parents and grandparents enjoyed. It was also a mix from very different backgrounds and different races. And different political spectrum.


There was a lady who was a lifelong Democrat who had never participated in a campaign who had registered as a Republican in order to campaign and support Ron Paul.


There was a man who had never voted in his life and now is inspired by Ron Paul's message of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.


Oh, and they are actually educated on the issues. They can articulate, with passion tempered with logic and reason, why they support Ron Paul. It has been said that Ron Paul supporters are obnoxious. We are. It speaks volume to the man that he can inspire such enthusiastic support.

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Taken on September 9, 2007