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335/10 #0967-36 A.ALBINVS Apollo Dioscuri stand by drinking horses Denarius | by Ahala
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335/10 #0967-36 A.ALBINVS Apollo Dioscuri stand by drinking horses Denarius

Denarius. 96BC. 3.62grams. Rome mint. Postumia. Crawford 335/10 A.ALBINVS. Obverse: hd Apollo r. Reverse: Dioscuri stg beside horses l. Scarce.


POSTUMIA. Obv — ROMA. The laureated head of Apollo regarding the right: before it is the denarial mark X , and at the back a star of eight rays, — the whole within an engrailment. A coin of very archaic aspect.


Rev — On the exergum A(ulus) ALBINVS S(purii) F(ilius). In the field Castor and Pollux — Diis depellentibus — with their horses drinking at a fountain, or rather trough, to the left. Towards the upper verge, a crescent. This refers to the story of two beautiful youths, or rather god-lings, arrived at Rome with the news of a victory over the Tarquinian forces, and while refreshing their foaming horses at the public fountain asked that the news of the victory be carried to the senate. In addition it should be remembered that, at the great battle near Lake Regillus, these youths, on white horses, were seen fighting with the utmost valour on the side of the Romans. Of course, they were pronounced to be the Dioscuri, and the grateful victor afterwards dedicated a temple to Castor and Pollux in the forum. Cicero, however, who never was brought-to by the brethren is a troublesome sceptic at times, and humorously cites the building of this temple as a proof of the fact, though he cannot credit it. "Do you believe," he asks, "that the Tyndaridae appeared to Vatienus on the road, mounted on white horses, to tell a Roman victory to a country fellow rather than to M. Cato, who was at that time the chief person of the Senate? Do you take that print of a horse's hoof, which is now to be seen at Regillus, to be made by Castor's horse?" This coin might also be brought in proof that such an incident was palmed on the archives ; as in certain modem instances, where “it is written in the books” is advanced to impose on the weak, and silence incredulity.

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Taken on May 26, 2009