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332/1 #9433-17 T.CLOVLI Q Jupiter Victory trophy captive Quinarius | by Ahala
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332/1 #9433-17 T.CLOVLI Q Jupiter Victory trophy captive Quinarius

Quinarius. 98BC. 1.71grams. Rome mint. Cloulia. Crawford 332/01 T.CLOVLI Q. Obverse: hd Jupiter r. Reverse: Victory + trophy T CLOVLI. Common.


CLOULIA (Patrician). Obv — Sine epigraphe. The laureated profile of Jupiter, to which Havercamp would fain add Capitolinus; but surely, if in connexion with the reverse, Feretrius — or predator will do as well. There is an alphabetical mint-mark at the back of the neck. It is of a somewhat common occurrence.


Rev — A winged Victory crowning a trophy of spoils, under which sits a bound prisoner. Down the centre of the field is T(itus) CLOVLI(us), and on the exergum, Q(uaestor). Cloulia is an ancient form for Cloelia, or Cluilia: the family were originally from Alba, and, on the destruction of that city, was one of the six admitted (gentes minores) into the Roman Senate : but it is not settled whether the device alludes to any particular advantage; it merely bears an ordinary ancient arrogant emblem, which was widely adopted.

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Taken on November 29, 2012