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428/2 #9856-37 Q.CASSIVS Liberty Temple of Vesta Denarius | by Ahala
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428/2 #9856-37 Q.CASSIVS Liberty Temple of Vesta Denarius

Denarius. 55BC. 3.73grams. Rome mint. Cassia. Crawford 428/02 Q.CASSIVS. Obverse: hd Liberty r. Reverse: Temple of Vesta. Common.


Northumberland Smyth 1856; Cassia:


Obv — LIBERT(as) Quintus) CASSIVS. Profile of the goddess of Liberty, with carefully-dressed hair, ear-rings, and necklace. It is a rather common coin.


Rev — A decorated round temple, surmounted by the statue of a goddess holding the wand of divinity and a patera. In the middle of the fane is a curule chair, significant of praetorian rank. On the left side of the area is an urn with two handles, and on the right a tabella, with which each citizen and judex voted in the comitia and courts of justice. It is marked A(bsolvo) C(ondemno). The whole is enclosed within an engrailment. In doubtful cases there was a third tablet, with N(on) L(iquet). It acted as the oft-times very convenient Not Proven of Scottish verdicts.


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Taken on October 16, 2006