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311/1 #8916-40 L.SCIP ASIAG Jupiter left Jupiter quadriga Denarius | by Ahala
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311/1 #8916-40 L.SCIP ASIAG Jupiter left Jupiter quadriga Denarius

Denarius. 106BC. 3.98grams. Rome mint. Cornelia. Crawford 311/01 L.SCIP ASIAG. Obverse: hd Jupiter l. Reverse: Jupiter + quad r, D. Common. A model of perfect centring and toning.


CORNELIA. Obv — Sine epigraphe. The bearded and laureated head of Jupiter Capitolinus — tutelary deity of the Romans — regarding the left.


Rev — Jupiter in a currus-quadrigae running across the field: he holds a military

ensign or sceptre and the reins in his left hand, and with his right is hurling a fulmen. On the exergum, L(ucius) SCIP(io) ASIAG(enes), as Morel reads it, while others view it as ASIAC(us): "but on the twenty-seven excellent specimens in the Imperial Museum (Vienna)" says Eckhel, " it is clearly Asiag or Asiac, the c and the g being used indiscriminately". On the reverse is a large letter over the horses. This commemorates the Lucius Scipio was consul B.C. 190, and having overthrown Antiochus at Magnesia, exhibited a magnificent triumph. His desire to be called Asiaticus sprung, it may be supposed, from a yearning not to yield in appellation to his brother Africanus, — who had served as his legate


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Taken on November 29, 2012