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408/1 #0539-39 C.PISO L.F FRVGI Apollo horseman whip Denarius | by Ahala
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408/1 #0539-39 C.PISO L.F FRVGI Apollo horseman whip Denarius

Denarius. 61BC. 3.92grams. Rome mint. Calpurnia. Crawford 408/01 C.PISO L.F FRVGI. Obverse: hd Apollo r, laur, stork. Reverse: horseman r, whip, C.PISO L.F.FRVGI. Common. This coin is discussed on


Northumberland Smyth 1856: Calpurnia.


Obv — Sine epigraphe. The laureated and ringletted profile of Apollo within an engrailment, and a curious moneyer's mark, a stork, behind.


Rev — A naked youth on horseback, galloping rapidly to the right : he leans forward, holding out his right hand, similar to other coins of this type, except that the rider wields a whip instead of a palm-branch in his hand. On the exergum C(aius) PISO L(ucius) F(ilii) FRVGI. Above the horseman, a symbol of a grasshopper. Having alluded to the multiplied coinage mintmarks of this gens, I may submit a few which have passed under my notice, and they are independent of those denarii which bear alphabetical letters and numerals: the principal are —


Anchor, Horn, Sceptre, Arrow, Cornucopia, Javelin, Scorpion, Axe, Crayfish, Key, Shell, Bird, Crescent, Knife, Snail, Bow, Dagger, Leaf, Star, Branch, Digamma, Lituus, Stork, Bucket, Dolphin, Lizard, Torch, Bull's-head, Flower, Locust, Trident, Butterfly, Fly, Mask, Vase, Caduceus, Garland, Owl, Wing.


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Taken on December 15, 2012