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429/2 #9857-37 P.FONTEIVS P.F. Didia Concord Villa Publica Denarius | by Ahala
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429/2 #9857-37 P.FONTEIVS P.F. Didia Concord Villa Publica Denarius

Denarius. 55BC. 3.72grams. Rome mint. Didia. Crawford 429/02 P.FONTEIVS P.F.. Obverse: hd Concord r. Reverse: Villa Publica VIL PUB. Scarce.


DIDIA (Plebeian). Obv — P(ublius) FONTEIVS CAPITO III(um)VIR CONCORDIA. The veiled, well-impressed, and diademmed head of the goddess of Concord regarding the right. A full-spread and well-struck denarius, it is of some rarity.


Rev — VIL(la) PVB(lica), T(itus) DID(ius), IMP(erator). A stately portico surmounted by a columned roof. This probably commemorates the Villa Publica which Varro describes as being for citizens coming from the country, public amusements, or such foreign ambassadors as they did not choose to admit into the city. One Titus Didius was saluted imperator for triumphing over the Celtiberians, and about B.C. 93 he either built or restored this public villa — a prototype of the modem Turkish khan.

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Taken on October 16, 2006