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Early this morning the Carnival Splendor left drydock, and with the help of the Millenium Falcon Tractor Tug, made it's way to Pier 35.

Apparently, after being in drydock for a few weeks, the ship has to hang out for a few hours near the dock to see if it will sink, or not.

The new engine has been installed, but is not working yet. Many of the interior spaces are being renovated. BAE Shipyard completed its share of the repairs ahead of schedule. In a few days the Splendor will sail for San Diego (I think this is correct!), and in a week will pick up passengers for its first cruise in 3 months.

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  1. Miguel De La Cruz ~ 39 months ago | reply

    lol lets see if it'll sink guys. I love that.

  2. 1600 Squirrels 39 months ago | reply

    Don't laugh: the Vasa sat at the bottom of Stockholm harbor for three centuries because they didn't bother to test it before setting sail.

  3. LifeLover4 39 months ago | reply

    Very cool! I was trying to spot it today from the hills, guess it was gone.

  4. AGrinberg 39 months ago | reply

    Great story about the Vasa.
    Thanks for the link, Cleve!

    It's at Pier 35 until Monday morning.

    Thanks. Michael.
    You have some awesome ship shots too.

  5. ikons98 39 months ago | reply

    Beautiful blues. Nice shot.

    Always amazing to hear when jobs are completed "ahead" of schedule. Great job, BAE!

  6. idashum 39 months ago | reply

    That's a big bath tub... Staying afloat will be half the battle...

  7. Jill Clardy 39 months ago | reply

    ohhhh she is splendid ! I didn't realize the project would be completed so soon, and had hope to get up there for some pictures before she departed....

  8. capehorn 39 months ago | reply

    Try Pier 35. I'd like to see her departure on Monday.

  9. woodwork's 39 months ago | reply

    My office gave the permit to Sheedy to haul that monster engine from SFO to the shipyard...13 axle rig...

  10. Jef Poskanzer 39 months ago | reply

    Saw her at Pier 35 this afternoon.

  11. bats... 39 months ago | reply

    Nicely taken!

  12. kgrin 39 months ago | reply

    Now, how about securing a birth on the VIP wing (I don't think they call it a wing on a ship, though)?! Great series, Alan!

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