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Gondola for Hire

Gondolas must have a higher rate of association with Venice than the "Patina of Architecture."


Of course we all dream of being rowed around in a Gondola on a warm Venice evening, water lapping at the sides of the boat, stealthily slipping through the romantic canals, sipping Prosecco.


One of the favorite topics of conversation is the cost of this experience.


100 Euros for 40 minutes.... $193.00 per hour.


Not surprising this Gondola is sitting empty (unless the Gondolier is taking a smoking break on the bridge).


These boats cost about 25,000 Euros, and last 20 years. The Gondolier season is only a few months long out of the year. It costs a lot to live in Venice. This is a clean "industry". I do not begrudge these workers their pay.


I passed, and chose to spend my Euros on Gelato, Lemon Soda, and Pasta (to say nothing of skipping across the Atlantic Ocean).

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Taken on June 25, 2010