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Always Gracious!-- And....a Rose-story.

When I was quite young ( 7-8 years old ) I was imagining a VERY happy ….”Artist-God “ creating His Rose-blooms! Although I was living in a Mediterranean country, this…..Man had nothing to do with my compatriots’ appearance, at least when I was that young : He was very tall, in His 60s, having childlike-expressive and joyful dark blue eyes, rosy healthy cheeks, and long snowhite straight hair, until His shoulders!! Of course, He was also wearing a short , snowhite beard, too! He had nothing ……imperial , or traditionally Godlike on His appearance!! On the contrary : He was looking like a clean and happy…..Gardener, wearing blue-jeans and a ….red t-shirt!!! For me, He was a sort of a trustworthy, friendly, and extra-talented Grand Father, responsible for all the amazing Beauty around me! A sort of ……slim and modern Father Christmas! I can assure you, that after all my religious and cultural training, God in my heart remains STILL(!!!!) the same ( …AND Omnipotent!)


So!!!!!! The afore-mentioned adorable and talented God, created the …Roses, too! And while creating them, He was utterly creative, inspired, imaginative, Artistic, and…….extra happy! But, why on Earth He added those thorns, too? But ---my Mama used to say---because He wanted them to defend themselves, while their excited admirers were removing them from their natural environment and putting them in decorative vases at their homes…Well, as a result, I NEVER cut the Rose-blooms from my garden !!! I only welcome them, when they are offered to me by friends!


By the way, the extra Beauty of this capture, and all of my secondary captures, live in the Rose Gardens of Paradisio Zoo Park! The one of my picture is a wonderful Modern Shrub (a Floribunda) of 2 meters of height. It is slightly fragrant, and repeat-flowering. It is called “Joseph’s Coat” Rose. Seen at its best during June and July, it bears medium-sized blooms in large trusses. The petals change from yellow to apricot-orange, and finally to strawberry-red as they age. This multicoloured look is so gracious and lovely! Being properly pruned, he can be turned into a lovely climbing Rose!


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Taken on June 14, 2009