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Keukenhof-Tulip Divine Art!!

This Beauty with the curly, hairy petals, has been one of the Star-Tulips in Keukenhof Park ! I met her there mainly in soft colour-tones, like the ones of my photos.


*** About having been TAGGED and re-TAGGED!! ....


Well, since this has happened repeatedly to me by certain gentle friends, I eventually decided to speak openly , and say what I have said already in private : that almost everything to be said about me, is right here, in my flickr Profile Page (: family condition, profession, hobbies, etc) . What is NOT written in there is, 1) That I had been a good self-taught painter in my younger years, a Nature painter, of course, using pastel colours mainly! Both of my parents were talented in painting and in Nature Photography, although my father had been a high grade army-officer, and my mother a dentist. Both my brother and my daughter are professional Artists!! And, 2) That the last 10 years of my service as a Secondary Education Teacher, had been in a Special School for Physically Handicapped Children!! And THAT service has been my “University of Life”!! Plus, that the Divine Providence prepared me, through this service to handicapped children AND to their families, for my personal similar situation, of having a handicapped grandchild, our little Philippe!! Philippe has been discovered Hydrocephalous , when he was 2 months old!! Unfortunately, he was discovered too late, and , although successfully operated, this thing left him completely disabled -- mentally handicapped included!!!!


Having passed the ordeal of the first shock, my family members grew out to be more mature and LOVING! Because, THAT is why, my School for Handicapped Children has been my personal University of Life!!! Cause such human tragedies teach us to learn to LOVE, to really LOVE !! Ourselves, AND our fellow human beings, either they are relatives, friends, or complete strangers!! And in loving in THIS way, we become more compassionate, sharing, affectionate, forgiving, optimistic, understanding, less judging ourselves and the others… I personally felt deeply, how ALL human beings are brothers and sisters, and that we ALL have the same Creator Dad! Feeling being a part of the Universe, and feeling Universe as your family, throws down any egoistical walls, based on any sort of preoccupation or attachment to one’s way of traditional thinking ( : old thought-patterns, personal beliefs and concepts)… It makes you feeling REALLY FREE and TRULY LOVING! In this way, human tragedies of any sort, in NO WAY should be considered as ……”God’s punishment”, but as a way of bringing us CLOSER to our Source, our Divine Father!!!! Because, God/ The Creator/ The Source/ The Divine/ Our Father is ONLY LOVE!!!


And that’s it, dearest ones !!!! Now you know everything about me!


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Taken on April 27, 2008