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Strange Readings | by Agaethon29
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Strange Readings

Back to the continuing voyages of our heroes from Nova Team!


Last we heard from the crew they were surveying an unexplored region of space when their sensors detected some strange readings from a nearby planet. Intrigued, the crew set down on the planet surface. A small away team consisting of (from left to right) Cmdr Brett Briggs, Captain Robert Knight, Lt Sydney Stargazer, and Lt. Cmdr. Samuel Steele follow the coordinates of the signal leading them into a strange, eerie cave. With a mix of excitement and trepidation our explorers enter the cave with it’s sickly yellow and green lighting, and odd seemingly unnatural outcroppings being powered by some unknown energy source. What will these strange readings lead the crew to? Check back next time to find out!


To learn more about Nova Team's other adventures visit their album:


:::: I hope you all enjoy the latest installment of my Nova Team adventures. This will carry out for quite a few of my photos over the next couple of weeks, so be on the lookout for more. I played around A LOT with this photo to get the right look. The color, lighting and general atmosphere was HEAVILY inspired by the interior of Borg vessel’s from Star Trek, in particular from Voyager episodes. I always found the yellow-greenish lighting with the foggy haze to be quite eerie and so I really wanted that looks for this alien planet’s cave. As always, comments are very much welcomed. Thanks so much!


For those who are interested, unfortunately I am unable to sell the Nova Team minifigures or designs due to the use of the "Classic Space" logo which is owned and trademarked by The LEGO Group. My custom designed figures and use of the official "Classic Space" logo is for personal use only in my MOCs and photography. By the same token, I will not give away the design files and source material either. Thank you for understanding! Trust me, if I could legally sell these, I would.

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Taken on February 2, 2016