Once in a blue moon

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What if the moon was blue?

As I was processing the picture, blue looked cool, and I wondered. If moon was blue then we probably wouldn't have said, "Once in a blue moon". May be, "Once in a pink moon".?

Anyways, Afsana said, moon hasn't been this close to earth in last 18 years. So, I had to take a picture to celebrate this once in a blue moon occasion=)

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  1. {Feelings}* away [deleted] 38 months ago | reply

    yaa maybe we couldn't see it again like this wonderfulness ♥♥

  2. missnoma 38 months ago | reply

    Well dash it, I doubt if I will see it again, either dancing in the wind or too blind...
    Love your blue moon, hope you had some Blue Vein cheese with your red wine this evening...

    My lens was only 105mm..

  3. A. adnan 38 months ago | reply

    you and your power of imagination!:D
    Btw, remember your 'Think Pink' tag? One chinese company actually used it, and I did take a picture of the advertisement,will post it in a couple of day's time:p.

  4. avgstays 38 months ago | reply

    The best one I have seen today!

  5. âåƃħᶏ 38 months ago | reply

    tomar chokhei porbe egula haha!

    haha ur so funny and cute!

  6. andy_57 38 months ago | reply

    A lot more rare than once in a blue moon! Gorgeous shot.

  7. ~Myth~ 38 months ago | reply

    Intense ..

  8. Evelyn Flint 38 months ago | reply

    A superb shot!

  9. Rafee. 38 months ago | reply

    If the moon was blue, at night we wouldn't see the difference between master
    bedroom and outside...haha! I know I'm funny. check out this image.

    Your moon shots are always outstanding, I would love this as square crop too but nonetheless, you are the master so whatever you do, they are always perfect for us.

    "Once in a blue moon I make love" is it the right sentence? =P

  10. Mrwan Hossam 38 months ago | reply

    realy its butiefull shot

  11. s H u R o V i 38 months ago | reply

    Thanks bhaia for sharing this one :D ami opekhay chilam je anyhow ajke chad dekhboi. :( but akash e ato megh je chad dekhar kono upay nei :(

  12. Sleep Walker .. 38 months ago | reply

    Blue moon, very nice!!..chader demand to aro barai dilen, Aftab bhai!!..=)..
    thik bolso..amar eikhane to ajke ami saradin e ek-duibar sun dekhsi moon er moton!!..=)

  13. aftab. 38 months ago | reply

    right sentence or not, I think you should be more regular.

    Kidding Rafee =)

    I know square would be nice too, kintu, square crop ekta achhey, tai ar korlam na =)

    If I were a dark sky

  14. _shuniil 38 months ago | reply

    eita --E.T chobir chadar moto hoyacha...darun

    apnar chadar chobi dekha buzta parlam---amar chader chobigulo
    koto pocha hoyacha--delete korta hoba:-(

  15. BlubberFace. [deleted] 37 months ago | reply

    fly me to the moon,
    let me sing amongst the stars...

    I still have to try and learn to do such magical moon shots, your ones are just on-ze-spot magic!

  16. Moniza* 37 months ago | reply

    I like the glow in the moon ...

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