Day on the Hill 2012
Twelve hundred AFSCME members crammed the Rotunda and the hallways of the Capitol March 27 for Council 5's annual Day on the Hill.
After a rousing rally, members tracked down legislators wherever they could find them. Coincidentally or not, both chambers of the Legislature went into session at the same time AFSCME members were scheduled to meet with their local representatives. So Council 5 members jammed the lobbies, stairways and hallways outside both chambers, calling out legislators to meet them. Many did, but many others hid behind the closed doors of their floor session. A few could be seen hustling down back hallways and even locking office doors to avoid meeting face to face with AFSCME members from their districts.
Members urged the legislators who take their responsibilities seriously to:
-- Kill the proposed 'right to work (for less)' amendment that undermines collective bargaining and represents an unfair, unsafe and unnecessary attack on the standard of living of middle-class Minnesotans
-- kill the 'supermajority' amendment, which would cripple essential public services that families need, at the same time it locks in tax breaks for millionaires and corporations;
-- quit attacking defined-benefit pensions that public workers rely on to retire with dignity;
-- help kids, working parents and providers by passing the Child Care Affordability Act
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