'Downeyville' Shutdown Rally 7.6.11
We call it Downeyville. It exists mostly on paper – so far. But it’s the kind of Minnesota that Republican legislators are trying to create. A place where protecting 7,700 millionaires is more important than saving 30,000 jobs. A place where homeowners pay $1 billion more in property taxes so the richest 2 percent don’t have to pay 1 penny more in income taxes. A place where college and university administrators get bonuses, but students get stuck with higher tuition and more debt, and workers take pay cuts, lose benefits, and lose jobs. A place where corporations keep their tax loopholes while 140,000 people lose health insurance, working families lose child-care assistance, and people who don’t have cars risk having no way to get to work or school. It’s a place where the Republican Legislature prefers to shut down state government rather than do their jobs. During a rally at the state Capitol Wednesday, several hundred members of AFSCME Council 5, MAPE and their allies made sure Minnesota understands what the Legislature wants to turn this state into.
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