Andrew F. Scott | Pulse 2012 | Sculpture Assembly
Andrew F. Scott
Follow the "Drinkin" Gourd
Site Specific Installation in the Atrium of the Jepson Center
February 20, 2012.
Pulse Art and Technology Festival 2012. February 27 - March 4

This digitally-produced sculpture makes reference to the American folk song “Follow the Drinkin’ Gourd.” Legend has it the song may have been used by conductors of the Underground Railroad to guide runaway slaves to freedom in the North. Scott’s work is composed of two elements suspended from the ceiling in the Jepson Center atrium. A large gourd form represents Ursula Major, the Big Dipper. The dipper points to the North Star, Polaris, shown as part of a series of globe forms representing the Little Dipper.

This set documents the assembly of the Gourd Sculpture at the Jepson Center on February 20, 2012. The Gourd sculpture was transported to the Jepson Center in five parts. The components were then assembled by students collaborators:

Kieara Crisp
Dennis Curry
Ty Derousseau
Leslie Laburda
Brandon Luepkes
Emily Nelms (photographer)
Samantha Woolhiser
Daniella Zeman
James Scott (photographer)
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