• Old School Boar's Head Tavern sweatshirt. Yeah, baby, that's keepin' it real.
  • This keyboard wants playing. Badly.
  • Yay, particleboard. Wondermaterial from which IKEA is built.
  • One of Kat's LL Bean slippers.
  • This is actually a trampoline. I need to get some shots of the kids jumping on it.

What's He Building in There?

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10 points to anybody who gets the song reference.

Trying to bring some order to chaos in the "playroom" (it used to be the living room), so we got an IKEA wardrobe that will become the new toy repository. Why a wardrobe? Well, see, it's got these doors that we can put latches on...

  1. Urban Combing 88 months ago | reply

    I have an IKEA wardrobe sitting in my bedroom since last week, waiting to be assembled but just haven't mustered the energy and patience required in advance to put it together. You obviously have a stronger will than I.

  2. Afroswede 88 months ago | reply

    Haha, well, it sat on the floor for a week before I was able to tackle it. And the only reason I wanted to get it done was because we'd had a similar pile of IKEA boxes last year that sat...well...they sat for a long, long time. Please don't ask my wife how long it took me to finally get it assembled (or our daughter's bed, for that matter).

  3. WayBeforeNirvana 87 months ago | reply

    Haha this looks like a maze! In which corner is the cheese?

  4. Afroswede 87 months ago | reply

    The cheese is holding the camera. I guess I oughta post a pic of the finished wardrobe.

  5. dchud 86 months ago | reply

    Tom Waits!

    What's the points/beer exchange rate? Or the points/IKEA meatballs exchange rate? :)

  6. myartisme 86 months ago | reply

    Tom Waits is awesome, and that piece he created is a stroke of brilliance. Very intriguing photo, thanks for sharing it.

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