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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Field Trip ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, | by Jon in Thailand
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Field Trip ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


School field trip taken a couple of months ago on the Prasae River. Same river that runs right in front of our place here in rural Thailand. Standing on a small bridge shooting back at the students listening to a Thai teacher giving them instructions on collecting bugs in the mud. They were Way Cool about this new adventure, armed with plastic buckets, magnifying glasses and of course lots of curiosity. The school and our home is less than a klick up river from this spot and these kids know all about what to watch out for around here.


I want to mention while standing on the bridge my right foot is pounding, radiating in pain from a broken bone. A few days earlier had a freak accident with my tri-pod. I'll get back to this topic ..;-0


For the month of July there has basically been No Internet in the general area ! !

The month of June a freak storm came through here and wiped out thousands and thousands of computers, refrigerators, TV's and many electrical appliances.

I lost a mother board, monitor, router, various lights, fans, surge protector and the main switch in the breaker box. Even the locals who have lived here their entire life said they had never seen an electrical storm like that one before.

We are grounded and have surge protectors, but to no avail.


Mr WeeNee and his sister The Worm have been busy with their ongoing battle fighting Siam Cobras and the mighty King Cobras around the house.A few times my wife and I were right in the middle of the ruckus nearly being bit by the snakes.So far only the snakes have been bitten by The Worm ! !


Alright back to the broken foot.....

The end of April just before going to Bangkok to get a new passport I was being a good boy by sweeping the room. First I took the tri-pod, extended it's legs, wiped them down and leaned it against the wall to dry off before retracting the legs and placing it back where it usually goes.It's a nice pod, CF Gitzo G2258 with a Manfrotto 322RC2 head which weighs more then the pod.So here I go sweeping around all impressed with myself when there is a flash of movement out of the corner of my eye. Now usually I'm faster than lightning but Bob Marley was on and my mind was elsewhere . Wham-O !! the release lever on the Manfrotto head which sticks out like a dull ice ax slams right into one of those bones on the top of your foot. You know the ones I'm talking about. With the legs fully extended this thing came down like a French Guillotine.

Words that would make a sailor blush blurted out of my mouth as I jumped around on the other leg like a wild Poe Go Stick Man. X-ray told the sad story. Doctor wanted to put it in a splint, Jon says no way Hos' ay . Doc says stay off of it for 3 months. Next morning left for Bangkok to apply for new passport.


The rest is history, called in Bangkok told I had a job so I ran back out and started working the next day. Now this is where it gets tricky.

Being the FNG, [ that's the new guy ] I could not go in whining about a broken bone so I kept my mouth shut except for a couple of amigos that work with me no one knew.Now the big test, 40 cement steps up to my very small office shared by 5 of us with out AC. Office is a desk where a few supply's are kept rest of the time I'm zipping in and out of different rooms where I teach 461 different students a week.Part of the week I continue up another 20 steps for classes making 60 steps in total. In a days time said steps will be navigated 10 or 12 times a day. Forgot to mention this is 90 degree heat with real nasty humidity.


OK, enough of my sniveling like a red headed step child.

A lot of time is spent at home helping my wife recover from some medical issues of her own. Feeling is slowly returning to her left side and she has been able to start a small garden on her own, but we still have a ways to go.


Haven't picked up a camera in about 3 months but there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Starting to feel the need for a photo fix, MoJo is getting restless and my Ying Yang is over flowing ..


This text is just hitting some easy explainable high lights of the last 90+ days. If you are still reading at this point I offer you may warmest thank you and certainly appreciate any text you may decide to leave.


If you can read this message thank a teacher, If you are reading it in English of your own free will THANK A SOLDIER! ...


Jon in Thailand.




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Taken on May 12, 2011