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,, Pumpkin The Bumpkin ,, | by Jon in Thailand
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,, Pumpkin The Bumpkin ,,


Abandoned Abused Street Dogs.


This mornings photograph

of Pumpkin The Bumpkin.


The following is just some info

about Thai Bangkaew Dogs.


In the past I found some info saying the area

where the dogs originated was prone to

severe flooding. The temple area was

surrounded by flood water and the

one temple dog, who was in

season, and one wild

Asiatic jackal were

able to mate.

Thus starting the original Thai Bangkaew Dog.


Pumpkin The Bumpkin is basically everything

that you read about the Bangkaew dogs.

She's not 100% Bangkaew but real

close, same with her brother DJ.

We are the lucky ones to

have her in our family.

Lucky Us .............;-)



"Stubborn but intelligent, the Thai Bangkaew is not a breed for new dog owners as they may feel overwhelmed with this challenging dog. The first Thai Bangkaew can be traced back to over 100 years ago when the breed was originally crossed with the native Thai domestic dog and the Asiatic wild jackal, which is now extinct. Documentation is scarce for this breed but it is commonly believed that the Thai Bangkaew can be traced back to the village of Bangkaew which is located near the Bang Rakam District in central Thailand. It is also commonly believed that the breed was first bred at a monastery called the Wat Bangkaew. Its appearance is similar to the Spitz family with a double-coat and a plume tail. While suspicious of strangers, the Thai Bangkaew is a devoted companion to its family and will protect them against intruders. It is an intelligent breed with a determined hunting ability. Maintenance of its coat is fairly simple. Regular brushing is recommended and daily exercise is needed."


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"The Thai Bangkaew was developed in the country of Thailand in the 1900s. The Thai Bangkaew originated in the village of Bangkaew, located in the Bang Rakam District in the Phitsanulok Province. In the Bang Rakam District, there was a monastery named Wat Bangkaew. It is commonly believed that the Thai Bangkaew was bred from the domestic Thai dog and the Asiatic jackal dog but evolved into part of the Spitz family. Further details reveal that it is thought the Thai Bangkaew originated at the Wat Bangkaew monastery with the third abbot Luang Puh Maak Metharee. Metharee took in a pregnant female dog that had been previously mated with a jackal and ended up with a litter of four puppies. It is believed that the puppies later mated with the herding dogs that were kept by the Song inhabitants who lived in the village of Huay Chan. The original purpose of this canine was to guard and protect homes as the dog was known to bark to alert owners of potential dangers. In 1957, selective breeding began to take place and this started the development of what is known as the Thai Bangkaew today. A DNA study of the Thai Bangkaew was able to confirm that the breed originated from the domestic Thai dog and the Asiatic jackal dog. There is not much known about the Thai Bangkaew and there remains little documentation about the breed. It is not currently recognized by the AKC. There are no current media representations of the breed."



"The Thai Bangkaew’s coat consists of a medium-length harsh outer coat with a soft and dense undercoat which is considered to be water-repellent, and is relatively easy to maintain. There is a ruff surrounding the neck and shoulder area, resembling a mane. The tail is plume-shaped and carried over the back. The gait of this athletic dog is described as smooth and elegant. The coat of the Thai Bangkaew comes in a variety of colors consisting of white, gray and white, red and white, black and white, white and tan, and brown and white. This interesting breed has a square, well-proportioned body with a wide, deep chest. Both the neck and chest are strong and muscular. It is a well-built breed with a head that is square, with two pointed ears carried high up on its head remaining alert as necessary. The eyes are brown in color and are of average-size. The teeth contain a scissors bite."


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"The Thai Bangkaew is described as an energetic, active, determined, watchful, and intelligent companion dog. This breed requires an experienced owner to be able to curb its stubborn temperament which may require much patience. The Thai Bangkaew requires an owner who can handle a challenging breed and will persevere with a firm but kind hand. The Thai Bangkaew is wary of strangers and will bark if unfamiliar with the person. Remaining on alert at all times, the Thai Bangkaew will look to protect its family from harm. Early training is required in order to be able to curb behavior that may be unfavorable such as the tendency to be destructive and dominant. There are many favorable characteristics as well including loyalty, tenacity, and playfulness, so do not overlook this breed as a potential companion if you are willing to put in the time and energy to keep him happy and busy. The Thai Bangkaew can do well with families but it may be best to have older or patient children in order to avoid cases of aggression. The Thai Bangkaew can be suspicious of other dogs and often finds it difficult to get along well with them. This breed should be socialized at an early stage in order to be able to socialize with dogs and other animals alike."


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Also thank you for your financial an moral support ...;-)



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