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,, Pumpkin The Bumpkin ,, | by Jon in Thailand
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,, Pumpkin The Bumpkin ,,


Abandoned Abused Street Dogs.


Pumpkin with her many monkey scars.

Now she's safe living at our place....;-)


Boney Baloney & Pumpkin Bumpkin

play and race around till they're

dead tired, then they start

all over an do it again.


When I return home from The Monkey Temple

Pumpkin spends a lot of time sniffing my body.

I'm sure she missis the nuns, and Little Stubby

but there's a lot of danger she doesn't miss at all.

At night, she sleeps on her soft pink blanket in

the house right next to our bed safe and sound.

Mr WeeNee BeeNee The Pig Man also sleeps

next to our bed on a soft blue blanket while

Mr Boney Baloney insists on sleeping out-

side right next to the door on guard for

anything that goes bump in the dark !


Pumpkin The Bumpkin is a funny talking dog.

She yawns out words in a deep dog voice.

Mostly "wow, woow, woooow" and so on.

While doing this she dances around

while raising one of her paws to

emphasis the importance of

our funny conversation.

She's a silly girl..;-)


But don't be fooled as she too can be very

aggressive if she feels our safety is in peril.


For example, few days back somebody that

I didn't know or even know he had come into

our compound walked up onto our porch while

the door was wide open and I was real busy on

the computer. Pumpkin, Boney & WeeNee were

all sound asleep on the floor right next to me....

Stranger half stepped in the door talking in Thai

when Pumpkin exploded on him forcing the man

backwards and off the porch. I think he peed his

pants, for real ! Boney and WeeNee followed suit.

Now I know he peed his pants cuz I could see it !


Poor guy was looking for scrap and plastic bottles.

No# 1 and her crew were in town otherwise she

would have seen him coming and handled it.

Don't think he'll come back here again !!!


Here's another FYI: ---


Pumpkin hangs out on the berm that encompasses

the large pond behind our house for a specific reason.


She feels it's her responsibility to guard against any an

all of the poisonous snakes that also hangout there.

She is part Thai Bangkaew and they are known for

the following --------------------


"This is an intelligent, athletic, agile and robust breed. It will be a loyal and protective family companion as well as an excellent watchdog. The Thai Bangkaew Dog is a loving, intelligent and alert dog that makes an excellent and devoted family companion as well as a good working and hunting dog. This breed will be affectionate with its family, will get along well with children and a properly socialized dog will be very gentle with smaller children.


The Thai Bangkaew Dog is not an aggressive breed but can be aloof with strangers and is very territorial and protective. However, this breed is more likely to threaten than bite and attack. It makes a great guardian and watchdog that will loudly announce arrival of any visitor (friend or stranger).


The Thai Bangkaew Dog is a breed that is known to be very aggressive towards other dogs. With other animals your dog will get along well if you start socialization from a very young age. This breed is definitely for an experienced owner.


The Thai Bangkaew Dog is an intelligent breed, but is independent and can be stubborn. Therefore, it's not always easy to train. This breed need consistent and short training with a lot of positive methods like treats or praise. Avoid repetitive tasks, as this dog gets bored quickly.


The Thai Bangkaew Dog needs a confident and experienced owner who can earn the dog’s trust and respect. Socialization must start from a very young age. "


So there's your dog history lesson for today. A google search

will get you a lot more information about the origin of this dog.


Thanks goes out to everyone who supports this project.

Without your help these dogs would suffer greatly.

As the photos show the ones I care for live a

healthy life even with their monkey scars.

It's through your donations that this

is made possible - Thank You -


ps: when pumpkin the puppy was thrown away

here in the jungle she was suffering from a bad

case of mange. everyday the nuns gave her a

special medicine that I refilled every week like

clock work.her fur now feels smooth as silk .;-)



Thank You.



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Taken on February 27, 2019