2014 Peace Fellow: Jefferson Seth Mcintyre (AEPD - Vietnam)
Jefferson Seth McIntyre (AEPD, Vietnam, Asia): is currently pursuing a dual Master of Arts degree in Sustainable International Development and Coexistence and Conflict from Brandeis University's Heller School of Social Policy and Management. He most recently served in the US Peace Corps as a Community and Education Development Specialist in Guyana. While there, he worked as an information technologies instructor for secondary and primary students and as a liaison between the Ministry of Education and the National Center for Educational Resources and Development. Prior to the Peace Corps, Jefferson was a high school tutor with AmeriCorps in the Upper Ninth Ward of New Orleans and provided free legal aid for indigent clients through the Orleans Public Defenders Office. While a student at the College of Santa, Seth worked as a public policy intern for the Redwood National Park documenting the implementation of a park-wide initiative for old growth reclamation involving state and federal political leaders and the timber industry of Northern California. But his real interest in advocacy began on the Navajo Reservation where he wrote an award-winning expose on the effects of uranium mining on the reservation. Jefferson holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Creative Writing from the College of Santa Fe.
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