2011 Fellow: Scarlett Chidgey (KIWOI)
Scarlett Chidgey will be working with the Kinawataka Women Initiatives in Kampala, Uganda. She is truly excited to work with this organization because of her shared
commitment to women’s rights, environmental protection, poverty eradication, and community development.

Before her arrival to Uganda, Scarlett will graduate from University of Denver’s Josef
Korbel School of International Studies with an M.A. in International Studies and concentration on Gender, Human Rights, and Development. Since beginning her graduate studies, she has been actively involved with the Association of Students for Human Rights, for which she is currently Co-President. For the past five years, she has served as the Program and Communications Manager at the Alliance for International Women’s Rights (AIWR), an organization that supports women leaders and future leaders in developing countries.
In this role, she has had the opportunity to work with women based in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Mongolia and has managed a team of remote volunteers who support various projects for AIWR’s partners. As an in-country volunteer with AIWR, she traveled to Mongolia in 2006, where she volunteered for a women’s organization called Liberal Women’s Brain Pool, the first NGO founded in Mongolia. It was that experience that fortified her commitment to a career devoted to women’s rights and motivated her to apply to graduate school.

Recently, she began an internship as the Director of Operations at the Village Health Partnership, a women’s health initiative in rural Ethiopia focused on safe motherhood. At VHP, she is working to develop and implement organizational, communications, and fundraising strategies and establish an ongoing internship program to help staff the organization. She is also the Donor Relations and Intern Coordinator at The 1010 Project in Denver, CO, which provides business education and entrepreneurial training to its
community-based partners in Kenya.

Prior to starting graduate studies, Scarlett ran her own business as a communications and web consultant, both managing projects and developing websites. Following
an undergraduate degree in Journalism from Boston University, she worked as a communications manager for a science communications firm in Berkeley, CA until she left her position to volunteer in Mongolia.
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