2013 Fellow: John Steies (GDPU)
John Steies is pursuing a Master’s of Public Policy degree at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. John’s concentration is in global policy with a focus on international development and diplomacy. John is currently the president of the student group Dialogues in International Security and Peace (DISP).

John became interested in advocacy work and specifically in getting more involved in the international development field while studying abroad in China. He is extremely excited for the opportunity to work this summer as a Peace Fellow with the Association for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (AEPD) located in Dong Hoi City, Vietnam. John will work alongside AEPD to establish a broader voice for the people in this community through outreach via pod casts, exhibitions to display The Vietnam Disability Quilt, and outreach to potential donors abroad. All of this culminating in a research paper on AEPD’s work with this marginalized group.

John attained his bachelor’s degree in political science and economics from Minnesota State University, Mankato last May. While at Mankato, John worked locally with teenagers with developmental disabilities for two years while in his undergraduate studies. In addition to his work and studies, John was also a member of the Minnesota State men’s tennis team.
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