2012 Fellow: Dane Macri (GDPU)
Dane is a teacher and a support coordinator with the organization Community Living Windsor, working with adults with intellectual and physical disabilities to become self determined and receive equitable opportunities.

He studied at the University of Windsor receiving degrees in the Arts and Science program in addition to Education. His passions for advocacy and justice have taken him to Haiti and Northern Uganda working in education and various development projects. While teaching in Northern Uganda last summer in a program designed to promote critical pedagogy and student empowered learning through active strategies he came across the organization the Gulu Disabled Person’s Union [GDPU].

The GDPU works to promote, develop,and empower persons with disabilities economically and socially. It was formed to create a unified voice of people with disabilities in order for them to advocate for equal opportunities and participate both in policy making and implementation of programs that target people with disabilities. Dane is very excited to be working with the GDPU in their goals of challenging community norms regarding individuals with disabilities,promoting inclusion and self determination through equitable opportunity. advocacynet.org/wordpress-mu/dmacri/
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