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"That Was Easy"

Photo a Day, January 2009: 1 of 31


As silly as it seems. This Staples easy button is one of my favorite knick-knacks. It really does play the "That was easy." Staples tagline when you push it. And for reasons I'm not sure I want to contemplate, I get a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when I push the button after finishing some tedious task.


Sometimes, life needs an easy button.


As for some of the more technical details of the picture itself:


I think I would have been better off using my tripod and shooting at a much lower ISO (although I offer my humble and eternal thanks to Noise Ninja for its prowess in making this and my many other ISO 1600 pictures look less noisy - Noise Ninja is awesome). But I was lazy and didn't want to bother with the tripod. So handheld at 1600 ISO it was. And I did pretty much get the pic I wanted, so not a bad start to my thirty-one photos project.

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Taken on January 1, 2009