How to use the Home Button

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    Your iPhone has one button on its front. Pressing this button may perform different actions in different circumstances. This simple visual guide shows you how it works.

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    1. m ike 45 months ago | reply

      OK - that needs to be printed out on my wall and shown when someone wants to argue about simplcity. Context is king.

    2. adurdin 45 months ago | reply

      Lukas Mathis explains in this blog post why even the simplest intent—to get to the home screen—can be hard to achieve with the home button.

    3. Dan Hudlow 45 months ago | reply

      VoiceOver can be activated directly from locked/off with a hold. Though, it does show the lock screen during the hold.

    4. expin 45 months ago | reply

      Nice, here's one for Android:

    5. adurdin 45 months ago | reply

      Yeah, this chart is not quite complete. I found some time after making it that you could jump straight to the ipod controls from locked with a double-click home, though I hadn't noticed that that was true also for VoiceOver.

      Nice and simple. The complexity of the iPhone diagram has increased over time, as every major iOS version has added more functionality onto the single home button.

    6. anikijo 44 months ago | reply

      Nice!Thx adurdin

    7. bogdan.tikho 42 months ago | reply

      People, who haven't used iPhone before might think that it is very difficult to use it.
      It's twice more compound on this picture than it is.

      Sorry for my English.

    8. bogdan.tikho 42 months ago | reply

      It's difficult to understand where should I start to read this guide from
      Somewhere I couldn't understand where I should continue

      I think that this information graphic may be easier that it is, but there is a question: What is the main aim of this guide? To describe simple thing using the hard way?

    9. adurdin 42 months ago | reply

      @bodgan.tikho The diagram is not actually meant as a guide, nor is it useful as one. The “How to use the home button” title is a joke. The diagram is just meant to show the number of different actions that the home button performs in different contexts. It highlights that the behaviour of the home button is not always easily predictable to the user.

    10. Steve Crane 38 months ago | reply

      Nice. As a relatively new iOS user I'm still trying to get to grips with the complexity in the supposed simplicity.

    11. expin 38 months ago | reply

      For what it's worth. I considered redoing this to handle Android 4. However it is not even worth a diagram:

      Home Button -> Home
      Multitasking Button -> Multitasking

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