Civilized Commute (158/365)

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    Figured I'd take a commute picture as it may be quite a bit before I get a chance for another one. I let my boss know they are crazy for letting me get away. There was no argument and I am not sure that my facility administrator even realized until today that i was the one getting the ax- it is a big place and I frequently take a week or two off for the kids. It is amazing what faceless office people in Texas can do to ruin a good rehab department in California because a bean counter told them to do it.

    I love that the other bike commuter in my car is so relaxed with his paper : )

    1. alittleflea 71 months ago | reply

      ohhh sorry to hear, but maybe we can meet up for coffee during the week sometime now that you're free! my only advice is enjoy the time you have.

    2. dickdavid 71 months ago | reply

      That sucks - especially coming from Texas. We're all not that bad, I promise.

      It's hard to have a family and a job, especially when they can't appreciate your priorities. I'm very fortunate that we've been able to scale back our lives enough so that my wife can spend most of her time with the kids and less needing to punch a clock. Sometimes, I wish I could switch with her.

      Good luck to you moving forward.

    3. Adrienne Johnson SF 71 months ago | reply

      I am lucky that my salary is not what supports the family, so staying home with the kids is doable. Mostly I hate that I lost my job over decisions made by people who see my department only in terms of money. If it were up to my department head I would be back now- having been in the department for over 10 years, I have a bit of a niche that is difficult to fill.

      As for coffee, honeychild, you are on!

    4. the riding irish 71 months ago | reply

      Oh wow, that really sucks. So sorry to hear about that. I was on the short end of a downsizing about 13 years ago. I'm afraid a long string of terrible business decisions by my boss is about to bring my 11 years with this company to an unsatisfactory end. Anyway, it sounds like you're coping and keeping everything in perspective. Hang in there. Remember everything happens for a reason.

    5. Adrienne Johnson SF 71 months ago | reply

      riding irish- We will all prevail ! I am happy to have time to create new things (like my new blog) and to not be at the mercy of others : )

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