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    Oh so tantalising glimpse of the Aurora display tonight hidden by clouds.

    Damn these clouds - it would be an awesome display to see

    1. corinne mills 62 months ago

      how come youve got gaps in the clouds! Not fair! Well done :)

    2. AdrianMaricic 62 months ago

      corinne mills
      Luck Corrine!
      Tried some earlier at Loch Leven, but only a few gaps and the top part showing some blue.. I thought as you were further East - you would have clearer skies!!!

    3. corinne mills 62 months ago

      lol have been outside every 15 mins all blooming night :)

    4. corinne mills 62 months ago

      Clouds are just rolling in and spitting rain up here on top of the hill

    5. Steven Brown 62 months ago

      Ohh nice one mate :) am down in a hole so seen nothing but did peek outside before bed and thought about nipping out one last time lol

    6. AdrianMaricic 62 months ago

      Steven Brown
      Just luck Steve. After I cleaned the rain from the lens, I had one more go - and got lucky.

    7. WHL1943 62 months ago

      stunning shot

    8. Beckaroonie 62 months ago

      At least you're high enough up in the hemisphere to have something to see through the clouds......for that matter, at least you've got breaks in the clouds! ;c)

    9. Steven Brown 62 months ago

      I think we should climb East Lomond next time :D

    10. four50photo 62 months ago

      super shot Ade, super. hope to get something near this one day :o)

      Steven Brown - count me in!

    11. Steven Brown 62 months ago


      Defo .. as always .... if it wasn't an impromptu synchronised look at the Aurora followed by a call ... it would have been a pre-arranged shoot fest as usual Bob :)

      I am surprised at what the camera picked up last night, gonna chuck mine up in a wee bit once I frame them up.

    12. CU-Photography 62 months ago

      Superb mate. Looks like it was a great show

    13. The Shiba 62 months ago

      Rather good and well done for getting out there !

    14. Jonnyvalenta 62 months ago

      Beautiful shot

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