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Out of Nowhere - Mt Hood National Forest, Oregon | by Adrian Klein
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Out of Nowhere - Mt Hood National Forest, Oregon

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This is the only landscape photo I took during my daughter's first backpack trip not long ago. She is age 4. It's quite likely not what I would have chosen for an image but with only one lens and only minutes to work a scene I had never been to before, this is what I came up with (I already was carrying all my gear and my daughter's, extra camera gear was not on the list). And she did she enjoy the trip except the huge crawdads that ended her time in the water quickly.


It was a clear blue sky day and out of nowhere these clouds came whooshing by at sunset. I really was wishing I was up higher with the view of Mt Hood at that moment yet the priority this time around was Rowan and I resigned to the fact that I would leave the camera in my bag for the night. I did not want to abandon my friend to watch his kid and mine.


Then my friend Josh said you better at least run down to the lake and see if you can get something, this light is awesome. With no time to spare I grabbed my one camera w/ mid-range lens and tripod and hopped through the forest like a deer to get down to the edge of the lake. Looking at the metadata it was only 7 minutes from when I got here and snapped for the first shot to when the light was gone. Not much time.


Anyway, I thought it was worth sharing the photo and story even if I don't end up putting it in my portfolio. Oh and this is Veda Lake in Mt Hood National Forest.




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Taken on August 27, 2011