Eldred Street looking down

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    It's steep. Very steep. It gains 219 feet in just the short distance making it a 33% grade. The steepest street in the world is in New Zealand at 34%.

    Here is an interesting article about this street:


    1. jen wade 97 months ago | reply

      i find this absolutely terrifying...

    2. craig1black 97 months ago | reply

      Hehe. Yeah, I did drive my car all the way to top of this -- and then I had to back down about 1/3rd of the way until there was an open driveway that I could back into so i could go down the rest of the way front first.

      And when I say back down, all I had to do was release my tight hold on the brake pedal slightly. The handbrake is pretty good on my car but it could not hold my car on this grade.

      I just found out too that this street is 33.3% -- slightly steeper than I had thought. It was also graded in 1912. Pretty old but the Baxter in Silver Lake was graded in 1887 -- that is very old for Los Angeles!

    3. m kasahara 89 months ago | reply

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