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the other self portrait.

I spent the past couple of months kind of worrying about how people- namely analogue-ists- viewed my work and tried so hard to be natural with my own photographs for some time, even going as far as feeling guilty regarding my previous digital work.

But then I recently realized that I don't need to feel bad about it. I can do both- film AND digital- and I have my personal style with BOTH mediums and they are different and I am different. I do not have to abide by the rules that some have placed on what true photography is or isn't.

Digital gets a bad rep for over manipulation, but there are film photographs that can be manipulated beyond what is truly "natural" too, so I am sick of hearing analogue-ists parading around claiming that film photography is the only way to capture honesty.

True photography is snapping photographs and making a great composition. Whether or not you choose to change the colors, desaturate, play with levels and curves, dodge & burn etc etc is all part of the art of each individual photographer. If you want to blow out your background, be my guest. If you want to make the clouds look like a cartoon, that's ok too. (I actually don't like that kind of look, but obviously some people do and that is fine).

And if you want to keep the photograph untouched, that is your prerogative as well. But for God's sake, keep your negative opinions to yourself.

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Taken on February 27, 2011