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Rescue dog | by Velvet G
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Rescue dog

Another doctor visit, more not so great news. Every procedure I hear that this will be the one that makes me feel better, and every one leads to another one. Today's news was unrelated to the other crap I've been going through but the response is always the same. More cutting. More recovery time. It would be nice to use my time off from work for something other than surgery or recovery.


It would be nice to wake up somewhere new where I see a sunrise from some place completely foreign to me, up above the tree line and have some coffee while my best boy here curiously stares at me, wondering "where to next, chief?" It would be nice if I met a random senorita in said land who spoke to me with foreign words, but the smile still said everything I needed to know.


I was told that this would be outpatient, but things with me are never simple, always complicated so what should be a walk in the park will end up being something crazy.


I know mom.. think positive~ I've been thinking positively for the last 5 years and I still haven't had that vacation. I'm positive that I'll have it next year :)


So after having stuff snaked up my nose and down my throat today, I put two of my favorite distractions in the car and went to the river. When things are getting to me, my rescue pup usually has the distraction I need. We had the place to ourselves and after he managed to sink 6 tennis balls and we both started to smell like rotting fish, I felt better. He's sleeping and I'm about to get some dinner and then play some Codemasters' Grid, in my boy Jesse's honor.


I hope you all are having good days. I know someone I talk to on the daily was getting checked out today too. I hope your news was good, positive and everything you wanted to hear.


If you have one, hug your dog. They don't care about your issues. They're just happy to be around you.

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Taken on August 7, 2008