IR Spiral

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    James*C, helveticaneue, jon madison, and 5 other people added this photo to their favorites.

    1. especially_today ages ago | reply

      adrian, this is so beautiful!!
      it looks like the trees and bushes are snow covered, and yet it is warm enough for short sleeves and sandals!!
      cool effect!!

    2. nardell ages ago | reply

      Whoa! Spiral on Mars. That color is incredible!!

    3. Velvet G ages ago | reply

      It felt like the angry red planet. My legs were wobbly by the time we left because it was so hot.

    4. jon madison ages ago | reply

      and you *know* this is going to be a favorite of mine.

      infrared + people how can you go wrong?

    5. Velvet G ages ago | reply

      I wish I could do it more often. So far, there are only 3 in my stream. One of me (not so good), one of my friend Kathie and now Rachael.

      I think it gives a cool effect.

    6. Fingertoes ages ago | reply

      I love the colours in this... really ethereal, without being too fake/contrived

    7. Velvet G ages ago | reply

      Hey there! It's been a while. Hope things are going well.

      As for the colors, it's just an autobalance from a RAW infrared file. I love the look. I tend to tone landscapes, but when people are involved, I don't really do much to them.

      How have you been?

    8. Fingertoes ages ago | reply

      It's a really good effect anyway...

      I'm good thanks... just recovering from a work trip to Miami...with not much work involved.. :)

    9. Velvet G ages ago | reply

      Glad to hear it. I'm checking out your stream. Looks like a great time! (though next time, your US peeps need to know you're in the country so we can set up a meet!)

    10. .serena. ages ago | reply

      reminds me of something from narnia...yumminess!!!

    11. Velvet G ages ago | reply

      IR is amazing like that. It really forces you to notice things you might have glossed over.

    12. baron samedi ages ago | reply

      man an amazin beautiful photo...dag that IR rules...but it still takes a good eye behind it. your are trully an artist!

    13. Velvet G ages ago | reply

      I'm fortunate. My two successful IR shots of people are of people who can project a zen-like state. They make it work since this takes so long to develop.

    14. jon madison ages ago | reply

      heh you said "develop".


    15. Velvet G ages ago | reply

      hey man, I used to basically live in a darkroom in college. I haven't forgotten ;)

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