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Where the Story begins... | by Adonaira
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Where the Story begins...

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LM: Hosoi Ichiba Group, Hosoi Mura - Edo Period Japanese Village, Okiya and RPG sim, Japan Kansai (34, 42, 35)


Thank you for showing me this beautiful sim and for adding this story to my pic so i could post it on "sl storytelling snap" group.




Like so many days before, the princess and her beloved guardian wolf went exploring. It should be told here that the bond she and the wolf have is a mystery for all. When the wolf was just 5 years old, a peculiar old lady, gifted the wolf to the family of the princess upon her birth and since then the wolf never left the princess’ side. He slept at her crib, watched over her as she played; she was never out of his sight.


As she grew older, they began to explore the lands together. This is something they loved to do. The wolf allowed her to ride on his back since he was very large and very strong.


During the nights the princess would lay cuddled against the wolf longing to have him forever.


On this particular night, which happened to be night of the princess’ 18th birthday, the princess lay with her wolf, as they have done since she was a child. The sound of thunder suddenly startled the wolf awake. Worried and protective as he always was he stood over his beloved princess. Nothing more happened and she caressed his fur to calm him and make him sleep again.


While exploring the next day in the mountains the wolf and princess came upon a small, strange, sparkling creature. Being his usual protective self the wolf growled at it. Worried that it might try to harm his precious princess. The princess stroked his fur softly, leaned to his ear, and whispered “Shhhhh, my wolf, it is just a fairy.” This did not calm him since he did not trust this creature one bit. He growled at her even more as the fairy smacked him on the nose with her sparkling stick. At that very moment the wolf felt a strange sensation, his mind began to spin. The fairy flew off quickly, giggling until she was out of sight. He looked up and whimpered at the princess, wanting a kiss on his nose in return for making the fairy go away. She leaned down and kissed him as she did so many times. This time he felt the kiss was different, it warmed his heart and soul as always but this time it also gave him a feeling as if there were butterflies in his tummy.


They wandered back into the village, returning home at dusk. The princess fed the wolf and they climbed into bed together. He licked her on the nose and rolled on his side so she could cuddle up to him. That night the wolf had strange dreams. He dreamt he was a human and not a wolf. The wolf was finally able to talk with her, to hold her, to kiss her, to do things he saw so many lovers do and only wished he could.


He woke from this nightmare and gasped. Looking down at his paws, he saw human hands. He quickly looked to his body; there was no fur, but instead his naked human skin. He lay back down moving closer to the princess, caressing her soft, silken skin. This sensation gave him tingles throughout his body. He kissed her neck, her cheek and finally her lips softly. The princess opened her eyes quickly, scared of this man next to her, pushing him away, screaming for her wolf to protect her. He placed his hand over her mouth and tried to calm her by saying, “ssshh… is I, my princess, your wolf.“


From that day forward the princess had her wolf as a human and as a strong wolf.

For many years they kept it a secret that he was a shape shifter…


To Be Continued...

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